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ciao, giorgio
18 February, 2009, 9:43 PM
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Always one to make me smile, Giorgio Armani is and will always be larger-than-life. Perhaps some would find his ways to be too domineering, power-hungry or that he’s a straight-up megalomaniac; Giorgio Armani is many things, indeed, but he is first and foremost a designer.

And I don’t mean designer as in “fashion designer.” This is a man who perceives beauty all around him and it is part of his essence to make things beautiful. Armani, Ralph Lauren, Karl Lagerfeld, Valentino (he does have a last name, Garavani), and Oscar de la Renta are fashion’s “Rat Pack,” if you ask me.

We need more people like him in the world; not fashion designers popping up like weeds along the freeway–here today, party tonight, strung out and passe tomorrow. Armani is blogging about his fashion week experience and the opening of his new store; read on for a peek into his methodical mind>>


the list: express edition

Obamarama Continues

As if I wasn’t already in love with Michelle, she’s gracing the cover of Vogue and the interview is posted online. So she’s sporting Jason Wu for the cover, but it’s such a toned-down cover probably to keep naysayers at bay. There’s nothing ostentatious about her, the cover, and the clothing for the photo spread? It’s J.Crew, baby! Yup, it was styled by someone at J.Crew and the whole package makes for a down-to-earth package and no frontin’.

Obamarama Redux

There’s no such thing as too much of the First Lady, and NYT writers Cathy Horyn and Eric Wilson talk about her and the big cover. Scope it.

You’re First Prada, Joey!

Check out the male international style-setters sporting purses, heels, and women’s clothing for both laugh out loud funny and tenderhearted moments. From talking about shopping all day to arguing the case for boys borrowing women’s clothing on the grounds that women’s clothing borrows from the boys, it’s a good read.

Smokin’ and Stylin’ with Agyness Deyn

Following on the heels of our guys is British model extraordinaire Agyness Deyn–one who loves to borrow from the boys. Seems like she actually has a pretty normal life, nicotine and all. Read the story from NY Mag.

Get Love…

Found a great band, The Love Language, and if you like The Walkmen, check ’em out. “Lalita” is a must-listen.  

… and Get Down

It all started when I saw looking for Senor Coconut’s remix of Jamie Lidell’s “Little Bit of Feel Good” and then this track, “Moskow Diskow,” popped up during the week care of the bodacious brains at RCRD LBL.

Heads Up

Just got the dates for Cornelius with Deerhoof playing the Mayan on 5/14 and the Glass House 5/16… sweet. And it gets better, Brandi Carlile is B A C K and I’m totally seeing her at the Iron House back when I’m home for break this April. Loved catching her live on afternoon playing outside at Copley Square in Boston, and we can expect the new LP this summer.


We are not talking about Ticketmaster hooking up with Live Nation. Absolutely not. Don’t want to hear about it.