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berlin’s circlesquare is music of the future
23 March, 2009, 12:04 PM
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From Berlin with love is Canadian-born Jeremy Shaw pumping out a unique blend of dance, ambient, electronic and rock to transport listeners through an ominous dreamscape with his velvet whispers as frontman for Circlesquare. Not what you would think of when it comes to music from Berlin and it sounds like music of the future. Blender has some superb things to say about Shaw, calling the upcoming album Songs About Dancing and Drugs “the kind of album that comes around once in forever, an album for late nights and long drives and breakups and lovemaking, for cold mornings and matted-velvet comedowns.” Also notable is the dynamism of each track, and that’s partly a result of playing the songs live before the final product was recorded; totally rad, I love it. XLR8R just featured Juan MacLean’s remix of “Hey You Guys,” which is on the EP Hey You Guys dropping tomorrow.


the list: a dash of folk and remixes shaken, not stirred


In the mood for a songbird to capture your heart with her painfully compelling voice bordering on delicacy and gusto? Go no further than Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers (awesome name, btw). I like the haunting images that she conjures in my mind and I was blessed with her voice via one of KCRW’s “Top Tune” podcasts this week for “Get the Fever Out.” I just can’t wait to source the EP The Confiscation available now, new album Songs in the Night out 28 April, and she’ll be at The Hotel Cafe the following night. Mmm, lovely. 

“Evergreen” by B’more group Celebration and the remix of “Hands Off My Gold” by Simian Mobile Disco. ELECTRIC. 


BK trio Tall Firs is playing this weekend at The Glasslands Gallery along with Celebration for the Williamsburg Weekend devoted to new fashions by local talents. I am jealous and have been imagining life in New York all week. Anywho, “If Sonic Youth is the primordial, towering redwood forest of the indie noise-pop landscape, then underground NYC electric folk-duo the Tall Firs are the newly rising evergreens nestled at the foot of them,” Harp. Then The Wire wrote, “[T]hese songs possess a sense of simmering tension, where lugubrious lyricism and instrumental drift do not detract from a poised delivery and a subtle but thoughtful use of contrasting shades. The acoustic-electric interplay suggests a kind of rootless, melodic modernity….” Definitely worth a listen and this is one of my most subdued picks of the week. 

Who is not enjoying “Enjoy What You Do” by Bay Area MC/producer Trackademiks?”Sounds like someone who did their homework,” YES!!!   And popular remixes: Shadow Dancer here; Flosstradamus and Sammy Bananas remixes, and “Topsidin” all free listens here. Push play and let the weekend drop>> 

keep the flow goin’
19 February, 2009, 11:35 PM
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Kid Cudi’s “Day ‘N’ Nite” video is an utterly perfect follow-up to the Gagnon post; the video effects echo Gagnon’s style. 

<<Watch “Day ‘N’ Nite”>>

And of course, I have a remix of “Day ‘N’ Nite” that I have obsessed over long before URB even put Kudi in it’s Power Issue back in fall ’08. Hit it here, scroll down to the Old Money Vocal Edit. Pulling up that link to share will take you to Missing Toof, and I just discovered that the phenoms behind Missing Toof are BACK after a painfully long and remix-strapped few months. Well, I’m not sleeping tonight! Wahooooooo!

the list: express edition

Obamarama Continues

As if I wasn’t already in love with Michelle, she’s gracing the cover of Vogue and the interview is posted online. So she’s sporting Jason Wu for the cover, but it’s such a toned-down cover probably to keep naysayers at bay. There’s nothing ostentatious about her, the cover, and the clothing for the photo spread? It’s J.Crew, baby! Yup, it was styled by someone at J.Crew and the whole package makes for a down-to-earth package and no frontin’.

Obamarama Redux

There’s no such thing as too much of the First Lady, and NYT writers Cathy Horyn and Eric Wilson talk about her and the big cover. Scope it.

You’re First Prada, Joey!

Check out the male international style-setters sporting purses, heels, and women’s clothing for both laugh out loud funny and tenderhearted moments. From talking about shopping all day to arguing the case for boys borrowing women’s clothing on the grounds that women’s clothing borrows from the boys, it’s a good read.

Smokin’ and Stylin’ with Agyness Deyn

Following on the heels of our guys is British model extraordinaire Agyness Deyn–one who loves to borrow from the boys. Seems like she actually has a pretty normal life, nicotine and all. Read the story from NY Mag.

Get Love…

Found a great band, The Love Language, and if you like The Walkmen, check ’em out. “Lalita” is a must-listen.  

… and Get Down

It all started when I saw looking for Senor Coconut’s remix of Jamie Lidell’s “Little Bit of Feel Good” and then this track, “Moskow Diskow,” popped up during the week care of the bodacious brains at RCRD LBL.

Heads Up

Just got the dates for Cornelius with Deerhoof playing the Mayan on 5/14 and the Glass House 5/16… sweet. And it gets better, Brandi Carlile is B A C K and I’m totally seeing her at the Iron House back when I’m home for break this April. Loved catching her live on afternoon playing outside at Copley Square in Boston, and we can expect the new LP this summer.


We are not talking about Ticketmaster hooking up with Live Nation. Absolutely not. Don’t want to hear about it.