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popoFrom Berlin to the city of brotherly love, I bring you Philly’s own Popo. The three bros behind the band boast a messy sound with yelps and distortion to cause many-a-headache… or good times, that much I leave up to you. Give ’em a try at RCRD LBL or on MySpace; I like “Pay the Price,” and with it’s repeating “I wanna kiss you, I wanna kill you” it sounds straight-out of the glorious days/daze of post-punk England circa 1977. 

Death Cab’s new EP The Open Door is out on March 31st and the five tracks will be streaming one-a-day on Stereogum. Kicking things off is “Little Bribes,” which I guess Ben Gibbard was playing when he was touring solo in 2007 and was titled “Casino Blues.” I’m not even a big Death Cab fan, but I’m turning into one. Hollywood Bowl on July 5th with Tegan and Sara and New Pornographers what??


berlin’s circlesquare is music of the future
23 March, 2009, 12:04 PM
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From Berlin with love is Canadian-born Jeremy Shaw pumping out a unique blend of dance, ambient, electronic and rock to transport listeners through an ominous dreamscape with his velvet whispers as frontman for Circlesquare. Not what you would think of when it comes to music from Berlin and it sounds like music of the future. Blender has some superb things to say about Shaw, calling the upcoming album Songs About Dancing and Drugs “the kind of album that comes around once in forever, an album for late nights and long drives and breakups and lovemaking, for cold mornings and matted-velvet comedowns.” Also notable is the dynamism of each track, and that’s partly a result of playing the songs live before the final product was recorded; totally rad, I love it. XLR8R just featured Juan MacLean’s remix of “Hey You Guys,” which is on the EP Hey You Guys dropping tomorrow.

one-a-day with diane birch
22 March, 2009, 7:37 PM
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Well, it’s been a rough week for me with my eyes stinging with infection, finals, flying home, and bumming over missing SXSW this year. Honestly, I needed to unplug, re-charge my batteries, and de-frag my hard drive before a system overload completely burnt my real-life motherboard. So there is a lot of ground to cover in both the music and fashion realms that I have missed and it is definitely overwhelming just thinking where to begin. Here is my plan, one-a-day while I am on break. Now it is time to introduce Diane Birch, who performed last night in Austin.  RCRD LBL has this to say: “In tones that seem far older than her years, she grapples with the theologies of her childhood, musing on life, love, sin and the Devil in the same breath as she yearns for an imaginary friend (“Valentino”) or for a little sister to “Rise Up.” The result is nothing short of gorgeous.” 

“Fire Escape” download or head over to MySpace

the list: express edition

Obamarama Continues

As if I wasn’t already in love with Michelle, she’s gracing the cover of Vogue and the interview is posted online. So she’s sporting Jason Wu for the cover, but it’s such a toned-down cover probably to keep naysayers at bay. There’s nothing ostentatious about her, the cover, and the clothing for the photo spread? It’s J.Crew, baby! Yup, it was styled by someone at J.Crew and the whole package makes for a down-to-earth package and no frontin’.

Obamarama Redux

There’s no such thing as too much of the First Lady, and NYT writers Cathy Horyn and Eric Wilson talk about her and the big cover. Scope it.

You’re First Prada, Joey!

Check out the male international style-setters sporting purses, heels, and women’s clothing for both laugh out loud funny and tenderhearted moments. From talking about shopping all day to arguing the case for boys borrowing women’s clothing on the grounds that women’s clothing borrows from the boys, it’s a good read.

Smokin’ and Stylin’ with Agyness Deyn

Following on the heels of our guys is British model extraordinaire Agyness Deyn–one who loves to borrow from the boys. Seems like she actually has a pretty normal life, nicotine and all. Read the story from NY Mag.

Get Love…

Found a great band, The Love Language, and if you like The Walkmen, check ’em out. “Lalita” is a must-listen.  

… and Get Down

It all started when I saw looking for Senor Coconut’s remix of Jamie Lidell’s “Little Bit of Feel Good” and then this track, “Moskow Diskow,” popped up during the week care of the bodacious brains at RCRD LBL.

Heads Up

Just got the dates for Cornelius with Deerhoof playing the Mayan on 5/14 and the Glass House 5/16… sweet. And it gets better, Brandi Carlile is B A C K and I’m totally seeing her at the Iron House back when I’m home for break this April. Loved catching her live on afternoon playing outside at Copley Square in Boston, and we can expect the new LP this summer.


We are not talking about Ticketmaster hooking up with Live Nation. Absolutely not. Don’t want to hear about it.

The List: Part One, Baby!

“We rocked the shit out of it,” said Eric Ronick about Black Gold’s third live show (ever!) as openers for Panic at the Disco in front of 10,000 fans. If listening to “Plans and Revelries” is not enough to bolster that statement, here’s some food for thought: RCRD LBL heralds their just released debut full-length Rush as, “what may be the WARMEST and MOST CHARMING indie pop offerings in recent memory.” Holy God, I thought; the remix of “Plans and Reveries” by the Teenagers hit me like a sonic tidal wave. This BK duo expertly plays with a range of genres and influences–think psychedelia and Hot Chip–to concoct a dazzling and trend-setting sound all their own.

>>this is a must download<<

L.A.’s The Bird and the Bee have an album release show at the Museum of Natural History tonight for Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future. From the lush “Baby” to the magnetic “Love Letter to Japan” to the coquettish “Polite Dance Song,” this album screams “I am yours, I am yours.” Irana George brings the house down and it’s one big love affair.


Ben Kweller, you have my number on speed dial. Not only did I listen through his new album Changing Horses nine times when I got it last Sunday, but it is E X A C T L Y what I want to hear right now *ahem* when I am in a folksy mood and not bopping around. There’s nothing over-produced about the sound, and Kweller delivers quality lyrics and tunes for a breathtaking collection of majestic songs. While I would have preferred opening track “Gypsy Rose” elsewhere on the album, “Old Hat” draws listeners in and shimmers, “Sawdust Man” is dynamite, and “Ballad of Wendy Baker” is swoon-inducing.

That girl’s a crook,

got my heart in her pocketbook,

oh, she don’t even want to be my friend,

she just wants me wanting her again

-Kweller on “Wanting Her Again”


Certainly, most people write about what they know, and K’naan did just that for the “KickED PushED” video, which is an assemblage of actual footage from the arrest of K’naan’s manager, Sol Guy, in Sweden after being attacked by the police. The lyrics, penned by K’naan to Lupe Fiasco’s “Kick Push (Instrumental),” hit home because there is an uneasy tension in the air when we live in a liberal democracy with tons of discrimination and racism. On a brighter note, I’m just loving the rollicking “ABCs Featuring Chubb Rock,” and “Dreamer” is catchy party song. Troubadour drops 24 February with a performance at L.A.’s Roxy on 17 February. 

“I think I felt you in the wind today,” a soulful K’naan croons on the “Going Away” duet with Nelly Furtado. Check it:


Monday night I saw Nightmares on Wax and, unfortunately, I couldn’t get close for a good picture/I was having too much fun. So, this was the first L.A. appearance of the Leeds-based DJ Ease (aka George Evelyn). The set was on the shorter side, but it was a Monday night and the music was moving. The crowd was a little dysfunctional when it came to hollering back to the performers. I don’t go for the crowd, and I advise you to turn it up for a mind-blowing moment.