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getting the blog rolling again
10 October, 2009, 10:38 PM
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It has been a long while since I’ve last updated It’s 1221. I’ve caught up synching all my writing from URB, I’m settled back home, and I’m embarking on a new internship with WWD. To get to the point, it feels like an appropriate time to start writing again.

My first week at WWD was rather tame because we are not shooting right now and LA Fashion Week (month, really) is just beginning. The highlight for me was getting to do some research for inspiration pictures for shoots that we will be doing in the near future. I won’t know for a few more days if I will be heading to any of the collections, but it’s thrilling to be a part of a place I’ve been trying to work at for so long. Our office is very small, and it’s to my advantage because I get to see the entire process from start to finish—creating the idea, pitching, research, samples, shoots, and then the final product.  Again, it seems like the right time to be doing this for me.

I still have lots of projects to do for URB, and I’ll try to keep the blog organized and updated. Besides doing all this stuff, taking my class, and looking for a job… ah. I just saw Fool’s Gold at a private show at Hollywood Forever, and I got to talk with Nicki and Paul from IAMSound. Those are some of the coolest folks I’ve met in awhile; I was quite smitten. Yeah, I did that on my day off. For work. It’s fun and keeps me out of trouble! Plus, giving me inspiration for my own project. The Fool’s Gold show and interview is part of something I’m working on for URB, and I hope to get that all together soon.

Currently digging Telepathe, and I’ve been playing Dance Mother pretty much non-stop since Wednesday. Just got the newest Headlights album, Wildlife, and two albums for review–one from The Prairie Cartel and Globes on Remote.

Looking for new artists to do features on, and trying to plan out when I can conduct those interviews and make some freshness. I won’t say who I’m thinking about reaching out to, but two UK acts, one Mexican, one Puerto Rican, and one American.

I’m just catching up on the last collections that I wanted to check out. The Paris shows are so enchanting, and the majority of my favorite ones are located there.

I think the next post will be my picks from the spring/summer shows.


cd review: health: get color
21 September, 2009, 1:00 PM
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Reviewed on Monday, September 14, 2009 by Areti Sakellaris
Published on; Summer 2009 URB
Lovepump United
4.5 Stars

Fresh from touring with Nine Inch Nails, Crystal Antlers, and Of Montreal, HEALTH set about producing their sophomore album, Get Color, straight onto 2 inch tape to amp up their already magnificent auditory experience. Citing a rich array of artists from the post-punk, new wave and early indie eras as influences, HEALTH layers richly constructed noise in a brazen explosion of talent and distortion to offer an exquisite and weird sophomore album.

One-two-punch album opener “In Heat” kicks off a collection of tracks featuring killer harmonizing and a riveting juxtaposition of otherworldly vocals and hypnotizing instrumentation. If their self-titled album was a colossal wall of sound, Get Color is an ocean with increased depth, variety, and ambition. Each song boasts enhanced cohesion, achieved mostly by strengthening their repetitions and loops, while the bombardment of drums and distortion is more powerful than ever before.

The four-piece continue their fierce DIY aesthetic, working without a producer for the second time around. And if their self-titled debut sometimes sounded like a learning experience, this time around, the sound is more assured, even if the vocals are softer, more ethereal.

Also newly added is the band’s own version of the ballad, two of which “We Are Water” and “In Violet” delicately close Get Color. For some, HEALTH will still be written off as noise, but for fans, it sounds like the quartet tapped into its groove.

x games 3d movie premiere + the crystal method
21 September, 2009, 12:59 PM
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Posted Friday, July 31, 2009 @ 12:33 in Culture by Areti Sakellaris
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Sal Maselaka from E! warmed the audience up, making some awkward insinuations about a particular Heroes starlet and an athlete, but gossip aside, he got back to MCing and presented X Games founder Ron Semiao with a plaque acknowledging the fifteen anniversary of the games. Semiao was beaming and with Steve Lawrence, the movie’s director, they introduced the show and we were underway. BTW, they both came out wearing their 3D glasses; the event was laid back and full of hollers from the audience–not your everyday premiere.

Kevin Loza gets things going as he’s revving up his dirt bike, making jumps, and landing in the foam pits. He said he doesn’t like dirt bikes, they’re “scary” but the adrenaline high seems beyond worth it for these athletes. Not gonna lie, it was pretty hot.

The film is more of a documentary than a movie, and it shines a spotlight on Loza, Danny Way, Shaun White, Travis Pastrana, Ricky “The Goat” Carmichael, and Bob Burnquis. It intersperses the slams, drama, and joy of last year’s X Games with behind the scenes footage of practice sessions and, in the case of Way and Burnquis, jamming in the band they share.

Disney teamed up with ESPN to produce the movie, which will only run for one week, beginning August 21st, and the attention to production details resulted in this superb visual ecstasy. When White is snowboarding, snow flakes seem to fall on your shoulders, and your stomach drops when Way keeps attempting to hit his run (or break every single bone in his body, your choice) on the Big Air ramp–Disney makes things unbelievable.

The soundtrack was sick, featuring the lush tones of L.A.’s own The Crystal Method. Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland were spinning on the decks during the Red Carpet festivities, and the Nokia Plaza was crawling with skaters of all ages, shaggy hair, Supras, and all. Personally, I cannot listen to “Drown in the Now (feat. Matisyahu)” without starting to dance, which I did in my seat (confession!). Crystal Method tracks, expansive as they are, just lend themselves to the majesty of these guys flying through the air or Pastrama racing his Rally car at breakneck speeds in a cloud of dirt. Peter Gabriel and Lord Jamar sing the opening with a performance of “X Games Without Borders,” a remake of sorts of an older Gabriel number. Tobias Enhus loans his expertise on original tracks… and an X Games movie wouldn’t be complete without Green Day’s “Restless Heart Syndrome” and “See the Light.”

Inside, there was a surprising number of little tykes with their parents, the ones in front of me were swooning over Tony Hawk, who was a few rows behind. The glimmer in their eyes was really touching, and they were completely into it, which made the event more fun. Plus, with each athlete came a tale of sacrifice, and confessions about their goals, drive to succeed, and practicing hard until they nailed a trick. Very inspirational and, even if some of the tricks are downright insane, the creativity required to imagine soaring through the air, 70 feet above the ground, turn this way and that, then land backwards is enough to make your head spin.

updating, still: wilco “misunderstood” live at the wiltern, 6.22.09
2 July, 2009, 7:33 PM
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I went to a slew of shows last week, and this was my first Wilco show. Pure bliss. 

updating, still: third eye blind live at hollywood palladium, 6.25.09
2 July, 2009, 7:31 PM
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Third Eye Blind is STILL an amazing band! I recorded this at their show last week.

synching blogs: phoenix live at the wiltern, 6.28.09
2 July, 2009, 7:27 PM
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Phoenix Live at the Wiltern

Phoenix Live at the Wiltern


Read full review posted originally at URB

heaven sent: missoni coming to city of angels
30 April, 2009, 12:24 PM
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Margherita and Angela Missoni, February 2009 (WWD photo)

For me, it was love at first sight with Missoni–the colors, the glamour, and the legendary zig-zag knitwear. WWD has reported on the opening of a flagship in London, but the exciting news for us Angelenos is that in July the biggest outpost of Italian Riviera chic is going to open at North Rodeo and Santa Monica. At almost 7,000 square feet, that’s a lot of sequins and, if nothing else, it will be a welcomed arrival ushering in a heavy-dose of optimism and better times to come. Just browsing Missoni is almost as good as jetting to the Mediterranean. The company is holding ground during these miserable economic times, and what started as a small family business is carefully expanding. A new store just opened in Casablanca, one is planned by year’s end in Beirut, and a Malibu shop for bathing beauties will coincide with the L.A. flagship opening.

In the same vein, you should check out Mike Albo’s piece “It Doesn’t Cost to Dream” from the New York Times. He shops an independent designer’s boutique in NoLIta and wonderfully concludes: 

“It may sound sadistic, but it’s strangely nice to hear how Ms. Lee and her label are scraping by. For those of us who didn’t spend the last decade driving Escalades, duping our friends into shady investments or buying Antigua, it’s inspiring to hear about people who refuse to abandon what they love to do. At the very least, we can afford to be inspired.” 

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