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kane coming for your kiss
23 February, 2009, 12:53 AM
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After watching Christopher Kane for the past two years, the groove he’s settled in for fall 2009 is just my taste. The Central Saint Martins alum works with his sister, Tammy, and the dynamic duo has consistently pumped out knock-em dead shows. Fall rocks two extremes: black and taupe and electric metallic numbers in the middle of the show. Pulling out all the elements for a feminine collection–black velvet ribbons, oversize plaid cashmere pullovers, sheer pieces, and those dresses of green, gold and rose–the collection is balanced with masculine touches like rigid ruffles (read: not romantic and flowing) and stiff, sculpted silhouettes. The Klimt reference, as WWD noted, is indeed there… it helps that I have a book of his artwork and that he is routinely referenced–you learn to look for certain things. Overall, it’s artistic without being artsy fartsy. 

This is definitely Klimt, but that girl’s face, eeek

 the sheen is nice and unexpectedly turned on its head, literally

like the overlay grid details