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one-a-day with diane birch
22 March, 2009, 7:37 PM
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Well, it’s been a rough week for me with my eyes stinging with infection, finals, flying home, and bumming over missing SXSW this year. Honestly, I needed to unplug, re-charge my batteries, and de-frag my hard drive before a system overload completely burnt my real-life motherboard. So there is a lot of ground to cover in both the music and fashion realms that I have missed and it is definitely overwhelming just thinking where to begin. Here is my plan, one-a-day while I am on break. Now it is time to introduce Diane Birch, who performed last night in Austin.  RCRD LBL has this to say: “In tones that seem far older than her years, she grapples with the theologies of her childhood, musing on life, love, sin and the Devil in the same breath as she yearns for an imaginary friend (“Valentino”) or for a little sister to “Rise Up.” The result is nothing short of gorgeous.” 

“Fire Escape” download or head over to MySpace