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cd review: choir of young believers: this is for the white in your eyes
10 October, 2009, 10:11 PM
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Reviewed on Friday, October 02, 2009 by Areti Sakellaris
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4.5 Stars

This Is for the White in Your Eyes couldn’t come at a more propitious time. Whereas most bands and labels would prefer to release an album in the fall, the Choir of Young Believers deliver an end-of-summer sensation; the album is the last gasp of summer’s warmth and beauty, intimacy and liberation just as the flowers hold on for a few moments before giving way to the changing seasons.

And this is an album that defies time. Jannis Makrigiannis arranges orchestral, ethereal impressions of songs passing in slow motion. The Danish group was nominated for six Grammys in Denmark, and the propensity for excellent music from the Nordic countries swells with this release. Makrigiannis started working on solo material in 2006 in Greece after his former band withered away. Once back in Copenhagen, he planted the seeds for a new collective to flourish on this mournful and majestic album.

“Next Summer,” the first single, is an eloquent serenade until the soaring chorus, Next summer I will return, I’ll be back, I’ll break your heart belies Makrigiannis’ dark desires. Picking up the pace is “Action/Reaction,” a blithe love song in such harmony with its downpour of percussions and voice parts. An innate songwriter, Makrigiannis’ talent shines on introspective tracks like “Claustrophobia,” where he unburdens his soul without weighing down his words. Each track sounds crisp and distinct, the mark of excellence in a sea of mediocrity.

Winner of the “Best New Act” award at the Danish Grammys, Choir of Young Believers’ debut is like summer itself—over too soon, but a tremendous joy.


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