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cd review: juice aleem: juresalaam come
21 September, 2009, 12:34 PM
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Reviewed on Monday, August 17, 2009 by Areti Sakellaris
Published on
Big Dada Recordings
4 Stars

He came, he saw, and Juice Aleem conquers with his solo debt Jerusalaam Come. Combining the other major UK export, dubstep, Juice assumes a stance few achieve with success in the hip-hop community. Say hello to an accredited MC with as much spitfire as sophistication.
Longtime player in the hip-hop community, the Birmingham native holds rank with New Flesh and Gamma, and worked with Coldcut, Hextstatic, Evil 9, just to do some name-dropping. With Gamma/Shadowless producer Blackitude producing the majority of the cuts, Juice shines at sharing the world through his eyes after decades of traveling and performing, and his lyrical prowess is unshakeable.

His songs don’t leave anyone unscathed, and he makes no pains to sugarcoat it for his audience, like on “The Fallen (Gen. 15. 13)”: Those from the most highest now to the lowest of the low, few question why, but, there you go… angels fell upon the floor from no need to eat to eating the meat raw, greatest of richest minerals and pure ores, now strippers addicted to fingers remain poor… the language we use now proves fatal…

Packing a punch, “Higher Higher” is a classic battle track complete with a bell to signal the end of each round. Juice continues to throw down the gauntlet with “You Shut the ____ Up” for all those other sorry MCs to rise to the occasion and earn props for their skills, not for packing. This album has a range of influences, and “Sang Real,” French for “real blood,” leaves no doubt Juice is proud of his background and how he’s carried himself as a performer.

“Somebody better be running and telling them brothers that they can’t flow…” begins Jerusalaam Come, and Juice dominates in putting people in their place. In his wake, he leaves them a primer on how to be an excellent and engaging MC.


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