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cd review: dubfire + loco dice: ten years cocoon ibiza: in the mix
21 September, 2009, 12:30 PM
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Reviewed on Tuesday, August 11, 2009 by Areti Sakellaris
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Cocoon Recordings
4 Stars

As half of superstar house duo Deep Dish, Dubfire has earned rapturous reviews for decades. Yet more than a few were shocked when he recently embedded himself into Richie Hawtin’s camp of ultra minimalists, while his DD partner Sharam continued down the path of least megaclub resistance. But any accusations of dilettantism will be put to rest with the release of this compilation for Sven Vath’s Coccon club with Loco Dice, celebrating the clubs 10th year in Ibiza and it’s ascension to megaclub dominance of it’s own.

Grammy winner that he is, Dubfire, wastes no time bringing in the heavy hitters and begins his set, if you will, with Basic Channel and Mr. Bizz on “Mutism + Eternity” and “Keep Focused” by Fritz Zander amps the mix into a dance craze. Close on its last notes is “Vision” which is amongst my top picks because I love the effect on the vocals; it sounds right out of a horror movie from light years into the future. Showing props to mix partner Loco Dice, Dubfire uses his remix of Tiga’s “Beep Beep,” a standout track in its own right. “Conga Da Tierre” feels dark and smoky with its electric chords before easing into “Function”—are those lasers? Sounds like it.

In his own auspicious and genre-defying career, Loco Dice always brought the hip-hop flavor, and those undertones connect his funky mix. “Carnivores” feels like a mysterious trek through the Arabian Nights, guided by a pulsating bass line. This album played tricks with my ears, and it took me a few listens to figure out album exclusive “Jadajada/Wallshaker” because it covers so much ground that it sounds like a few songs crammed into one. From there, Loco Dice seamlessly segues into “Black Mamba,” and the effect grounds you into the heart of his club scene.

Upon further consideration, that is where the beauty lies in this compilation. It is all about getting the right flow, and by the time “Unsound” rolls around, the digitized vocals sound so closely to an effect layered over an instrument that I think the whole point is for music to be the language and transform words themselves into something else—stripping away all the applied meanings and bringing them back to the sounds. Who knows?

It is as if what makes Dubfire and Loco Dice both excellent DJs is that they make it seem so easy and natural. The word is “technique,” but In the Mix is a blissed-out, grandiose compilation beyond the need for words.


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