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america: a new hope
7 May, 2009, 5:36 PM
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No Luke Skywalker or Jedi masters here, but some cool artwork done for Paper on the rebranding of America. This image is done by LA-based artist Geoff McFetridge–I hesitate to call him an artist because he is more than that and even writes verse. I love what he had to say to the magazine about this project:

Lincoln is very much a man for these times, his beliefs and values hold strong to this day. I was thinking of a way to give a new iconic value to the lowly penny. American history is an interesting way to describe what America is like today. I like to think there is a little bit of Lincoln in all Americans. I also thought it was funny to mess with the American flag as a design exercise. I liked that the idea of endlessly designing the flag is both disrespectful and optimistic.

Being a history major and taking my share of American history classes, McFetridge’s comment has me thinking about the different ways we can talk about today by looking back; I think America is a country that is very close to particular aspects of its history, and those things have become romanticized, but the dark times we, as a nation, have faced are marginalized. We don’t get to read about them–let alone realize that there are countless layers and voices telling America’s history(ies). Usually, we hear one voice. So this economic downturn and Obama’s presidency are both hallmarks, we all know that, but are we about to reset and rebrand ourselves? Is America ready for that? Seems like that question was answered in November, but if such is the case, we need to come clean about our past. I think that has started, for sure, as more and more “alternative” voices and stories come to into the national consciousness, but really, I know that I am a product of my upbringing, my education, and geography, and can’t speak for anything even remotely resembling a majority. Hmm. So maybe what I would want the new America to have is less of that censoring, but does that land us in a catch-22 of sorts? Maybe I’m just rambling, I suppose. 

Anywho, all the artists featured can be found here.

Special thanks to Wooster Collective.


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