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everyone’s a disney princess at the oscars… almost
23 February, 2009, 1:23 AM
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Marisa Tomei as Jasmine

Penelope Cruz as Belle

Amy Adams as Ariel

Sarah Jessica Parker as Rapunzel (not a true Disney princess…)

Jessica Biel as Aurora 

Anne Hathaway as Cinderella–she went from Princess Diaries drab to completely fab

Marion Cotillard as Snow White

Meryl Streep as the fairy godmother; this is a woman aging gracefully *contented sigh*

Angelina Jolie as Millificent–yes the evil villain!  

Beyonce Knowles as Cinderella’s ugly stepsister, sorry 😦

Kate Winslet as Cinderella’s other ugly stepsister, double sorry 😦


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Dear, I love how in the span of your most recent blog post, you manage to: a) cast an Italian as an Iranian b) attempt to redeem yourself by casting a Latino as a chaste and virginal member of noble Disney pedigree c) bluntly, yet furtively, insult the ugly mass formerly and presently known as Sarah Jessica Parker d)misspell “millificent:” as magnificent–disney is corny, girl, but not to such depths.. e) take a shot at the African princesses or lack thereof..areti’s benign racial-elitism.
well done.
love it.

Comment by Ben

Oh, I forgot we have to make decisions based on ethnicity. Silly me.

Comment by twelvetwenty1

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