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Just Another Tuesday Night with The Walkmen
21 January, 2009, 10:33 AM
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The Walkmen at the Music Box

Hamilton Leithauser of The Walkmen 

On a whim, I caught The Walkmen last night and, once the ringing in my ears subsided, I was still stoked. So, I am still pretty new to L.A., and this was my first time going to the Music Box. Inside, it’s an old theater with dark green paint and gold-foil accents, and an intimate venue with a little throw-back to the glamour of a bygone era. Luckily, I got down on the floor right before Beach House got onstage; maybe it’s the venue, maybe it’s the band and their fans or the excitement of the day, but there was a chill and amicable vibe in the air as I wound my way down close.

Performing “Donde Esta La Playa”

PS: the opening is slighlty clipped, I am an amateur, but you’re a beggar, so don’t be choosy.

I am repeatedly stumped when I try to figure out how Hamilton Leithauser gets THAT voice out. Holy God. It was a totally engaging show, Leithauser broke the guitar strap off his guitar, and he seemed kinda stumped (word of the day, ha!) with how to finish the set before borrowing a stool. He also joked about breaking Paul’s arm and his guitar, which currently is in the shop with a status of “no status.” This is happening all the while holding onto his Heineken.

During the quiet pauses, as he looked out to the audience, lights shining, he would get a pensive expression on his face and I all I kept thinking about was the line from Almost Famous: “I AM A GOLDEN GOD.” It sure seemed that way, especially when he finished off his beer with a swish and pounded out a song in one fell swoop. Actually, the guy behind me said to his buddy, “Look at that image!”

The Walkmen played at my college’s spring weekend five years ago, when I was a freshman (whoaaaa) and so, it was due time to see them again now that they’ve released more material and I am in my first year at another school. Loved that they mixed up the set and played songs across their catalogue, some highlights included:

“Canadian Girl”: I am l o v i n g right now.

“We’ve Been Had”

“Another One Goes By”

“Red Moon”

“Thinking of a Dream I Had”

“What’s In it for Me”: The girl in front of me hollered for this song, literally two songs after it was played. Umm, hello?

From their recent spot on KCRW’s “Morning Becomes Eclectic,” I knew I wanted to better follow up, and I did. So check ’em out if they swing by your town.

The Walkmen  

Beach House Dominated as Opener

Beach House Dominated as Opener

Check out the Opening Bands: Johnny and the Moon and  Beach House 


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I love love love The Walkmen. Slightly (and by slightly I mean very) jealous you caught them “on a whim”. Will have to catch them in Boston!

Comment by Katherine

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