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Michelle <3 Latina Toledo
20 January, 2009, 9:57 AM
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Michelle and Barack on Inauguration Day

Michelle and Barack on Inauguration Day

I love Michelle and I was waiting to see what she would wear. Maybe you want to roll your eyes, but I firmly believe that fashion choices indicate personal politics. Of course, I read some of the designer speculations, and further compounding the issue was the fact that many pieces were sent to Ikram in Chi-town before reaching Michelle– designers and press couldn’t know what made it to her or not. This weekend she rocked three main perspectives; at Sunday’s “We Are One” concert she wore a tan camel coat, skirt and blouse by Cuban-American Narciso Rodriguez, which definitely reinforces my post yesterday, and relations with Cuba…. anyone, anyone? Last night at the “We Are the Future” concert, the Obama ladies were recessionita chic in J.Crew and Crewcuts, respectively. For the big day, Michelle choose a designer’s designer, Isabel Toledo. HELLO! TOLEDO IS A LATINA, went to FIT and Parsons, she makes great clothes, and has an unparalleled knowledge of construction, her husband is an acclaimed artist. Michelle wore Toledo to the Calvin Klein party in New York in June, and that outfit made waves. I had a feeling; Toledo is one of those “in the know” designers.

“’She could’ve worn anybody,’“ Toledo told the Daily News about the first outfit choice. “‘But she chose to wear a dress made by a Latina, and made in the U.S. So she chose to support the industry here.’”

And today, Toledo and her husband are pleasantly surprised. Good politics, good fashion? Hooray for Obama-rama!


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