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17 January, 2009, 8:48 PM
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Theresa Andersson at Amoeba

Theresa Andersson at Amoeba

Hailing from New Orleans, Miss Theresa Andersson tempted the crowd and shoppers at Amoeba Records in Hollywood this afternoon. I’m seeing her name on many people’s “One’s to Watch” list, so I checked her out. Today’s performance and the enthusiastic listeners confirmed that she is one of music’s rising stars.

First things first, she plays every sound that we heard. Live. It was unexpected, and she would bang on the drums and sing a few notes into one mic, and tap some pedals at her feet, and voila—it’s repeating and she is singing and playing her guitar, violin, xylophone and tambourine. Impressed, I thought “wow, this girl can sing, she’s got the lyrics, a good look, and she knows how to hold it down.”

She was exploding with energy and she wooed the audience into feeling her groove. Andersson’s short set of five songs from her just released album Hummingbird, Go! was an exemplary demonstration of the kind of performance a new artist must enact in order to mesmerize her audience and compel them to buy her record and keep-up with her. It was impressive.

Highly inventive, Andersson says the sounds featured on her album were conceived in her mind and were birthed via unconventional techniques. Of course, I love any artist who commands a D.I.Y. mentality; additionally, the album and its demos were recorded in her kitchen. “‘I did all this crazy stuff… Instead of a keyboard, I filled up wine glasses with different amounts of water, and rubbed the rims, to get different notes; I’d seen a clown do that when I was a kid,’” she told Kurt Reighley on her MySpace profile. She even added the artwork by hand to 1,500 copies of her I the River EP. Who else does that?

What we have on our hands is a imaginative chanteuse spellbinding listeners from the depths of her textured soul. 

“Birds Fly Away” and “Na Na Na” are added to the Hype Machine player and Andersson plays The Hotel Cafe this Tuesday night at 7 p.m.  Check out the video of her live from her kitchen and her MySpace


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