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katie and a kiss before you go
16 January, 2009, 12:03 AM
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As mentioned earlier, I saw the first ad running in British Vogue with Katie Holmes posing for Miu Miu Spring 2009 and you can check it out here c/o Fashionista and the full page ad here. Katie has a psychotic look in her eyes and looks possessed. Now, maybe she has that look because little Suri is about to break one of mommy’s stiletto’s, but either way, it’s not sexy and definitely does not trigger my shopaholic tendencies to go running out to Beverly Hills. In the full image, though it is miniscule, you can see that the set is reminiscent of a Roman temple and the folds in her dress harken to the folds of a goddess gown; what makes this dress modern is it’s asymmetrical length and the highly lustrous fabric. The sunset lighting and the fire work with the fabric to make Katie seem to be glowing. Her pose is full of attitude and that’s a unexpected twist to the more straightforward approach I would expect in most ads in this set-up… it’s not the stance of a weak vestigial virgin; rather, it’s of the high priestess. Taken together with its context (or my justification above), I prefer this ad to the ones, say, Lindsay Lohan did for Miu Miu Summer 2007–she was a completely dazed rag doll with her expressionless eyes, sitting on the floor with her open legs in one shot with blood-red lips and flaming red hair. However, as a photograph to look at, Katie just plain creeps me out. And in the genius mind that Miuccia Prada is blessed with, I’m guessing that is the intended effect and if you stop at the photo the sensuality is still there but the sexual power dynamic is not voluntarily handed over to the viewer on a silver platter with some grapes. I wonder what the rest of the campaign will be like…

I’m backed up on music, went through the last few KEXP tracks, and fell in love with the following: 

Juana Molina “Vive Solo” MySpace and will be in L.A. on February 17th at the Troubadour

Curumin “Compacto” MySpace and will be in L.A. on January 21st at the Echo with Money Mark and the San Fran date has Blackalicious helping out. PS: I know this is not a hot, new jam… think of it as a nice segue into the rest of his music… this was new to me…  umm, February 2008, but it’s current!

Her Space Holiday “Just Another Day” MySpace

And if you listen to none of the others, at least listen to Chris Bathgate “Serpentine” and “Last Parade on Ann Street” MySpace

All of these songs are added to the music player at Hype Machine for your listening convenience. Good night.


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