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Ryan leaving the limelight? Obama Goodies! Valentino’s shady taxes… and new tracks
15 January, 2009, 12:41 AM
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Today Ryan Adams announced that he is hanging his hat on the hook and his last performance with The Cardinals will be the March 20th show in Atlanta. He says “this is the time for me to step back now, to reel it in,” but who amongst us really believes him this time? Whatever physical and mental health issues (real or imagined) that he struggles with will not disappear and will he honestly be happier or healthier without making his music, playing it, and even sharing his musings with the rest of the world? I think he is really hard on himself and, I don’t think his fans would stand for diminishing his work (or quote-unquote “legacy”). So he wants to “wish everyone peace and happiness,” and in the meantime he will focus his creativity on his writing; that is respectable, but seems to be nearly a human impossibility for him. Unless, of course, he envisions his trajectory to be like that of a firecracker and he just wants to “burn up hard and bright.” Hmm, but that is a little too calculated, even for Ryan, whom we know clearly knows his image and manipulates it. File this under “‘let the dead past bury itself'”



As a marketing ploy to pay for the Big Obama-Rama, reportedly in the same ballpark as the inauguration in 2005 of $45M, the “Runway to Change” initiative invited twenty-five American designers to create pieces for the celebration. The design initiative was launched during the campaign by Obama’s people. While Presidential Inaugural Committee spokesman Brent Colburn told WWD that “”we thought it would be a wonderful thing to incorporate the talent of some of these designers in the inaugural celebration. We reached out to them, and asked them to participate in this collection.’” In other words, the tote bags by Diane von Furstenberg and Tory Burch; T-shirts by Zac Posen, Donna Karan, Juicy Couture, Narciso Rodriguez, Derek Lam, Rachel Roy, Gerald Matthews and House of Deréon, and scarf by Alexander Wang up for sale are not really for a special, social welfare program, but since someone has to pay the bills, this is a way for all of America to chip in–and you get a piece of history, too. Wonderful. 

Some pieces are cute, but I got a sour taste in my mouth when I saw Tory Burch’s design: Obama is written out but the “O” is the Tory Burch logo. Gross. Do we really need to brand ourselves like that? We need a brand manager on Obama’s team… Burch is a New York City socialite masquerading as a designer with her logo on everything. Not cool.  (WWD Source)



The recently retired maestro and his business partner, Giancarlo Giammetti, face a 33 million euro ($39 million) fine for evading taxes, according to the tax office in Lazio, Italy. WWD reports that  this could lead to a criminal investigation and possible jail time–but since Val is up there in age (76 years old), he most likely would not do any jail time. The reasoning is that the duo bounced paying Italian taxes by moving their home outside of the country WHILE maintaining their business there… yet, that move was ten years ago. Italian authorities are on the prowl for tax evaders and slammed Dolce & Gabbana last year with allegations and only in November of 2008 was Roberto Cavalli cleared for a 2002 allegation. Historically, Italian design houses have faced allegations; for some, they cleared their names like Giorgio Armani back in 1995 when the plea bargained in court that the company was extorted. Paying the fine would put a swift end to the matter. The trend to crack down may or may not be rooted in just cause because you really never know who is telling the truth when the government is involved. If it is a founded claim, it will not bear much of a mark on Valentino’s legacy in fashion and it really only highlights that he and Giammetti are businessmen looking out for their wallets–it’s not ethical, but who put them on a pedestal? (WWD Source)


TRACKS: Check out the Leona Naess exclusive download of the week, “Only One Ghost” here and if you don’t already have Miike Snow in your head, go to RCRD LBL pronto and listen to “Animals (Crookers Remix)”


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