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sara lov bores at spaceland
14 January, 2009, 12:28 AM
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So Sara Lov literally just wrapped at Spaceland tonight, where she has a residency for the month. 

I wanted to be impressed. I enjoyed her cover of Arcade Fire’s “My Body is a Cage” when I first heard it as the KCRW Top Tune, but tonight I was not feeling her performance. Frankly, I do not think it was a smashing success, considering she asked the bar to quiet down because she could hear them over her own vocals and the band, and the obvious fact that the performance area was dotted with clusters of folks and there wasn’t much rocking out to be seen. 

The bar side was nearly full, perhaps for the other bands performing before and after. Maybe her outfit scared away the more tenderhearted of Silver Lake youths; usually I can at least “get” someone’s outfit, but this was a straight-up disaster and, if it is true that the clothes you wear affects your mood, then we could (partially) blame the ensemble for the lackluster show. 

Wearing fishnets, ugly brown suede ankle booties with, I believe, a crushed velvet red-orange dress, it looked like she got dressed in the dark in her grandma’s attic. 

“Are you ready to hear some gangsta rap?” She teased the audience. It might have been more entertaining to see her attempt to be the next Ice Cube. 

The title track to her upcoming full-length due in March, “Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming,” was one of the poorest choices for a title track I’ve heard in awhile. She was slammed by the LA Weekly (calling the song “awkward”).

Attempting to defend herself, she told tonight’s crowd that the song is about, “the challenge of maintaining your idealism as you loose your innocence.” I didn’t feel the connection.

Fortunately, the end of her set was almost redeeming, closing out with “New York,” “My Body is a Cage,” and “Fountain.”

As a songwriter I don’t think it’s there. Truly, that is dismal because her voice is not bad at all. The closest comparison I can come up with is that she is like Jenny Lewis minus the spitfire verbal assault  and breadth of imagery and metaphor–Jenny has, well, an acid tongue. When Lov tried to provoke dark undertones, she came up short and it came across as a semi-perverted lullaby. 

File under “good voice, needs more melancholia and a book of rhymes ” 

Sara Lov at Spaceland



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