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resolutions & my morning jacket, please
31 December, 2008, 2:26 PM
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Yo! I was reading my UrbanEye e-mail and it hyped tonight’s My Morning Jacket concert at MSG since the show had yet to sell-out and it would be a great spot to ring in ’09. I actually wanted to go, and the tickets are cheap ($50) but life had other plans for myself and New England. You know, that fresh powder can really ruin things.

I wanted to share the article that the NYT ran on MMJ when Evil Urges dropped earlier this summer entitled “Out of the Comfort Zone, Into the Wild Rock Yonder” by Ben Sisario. Fortunately for my purposes, the feature highlights MMJ’s touring as its best promotional method versus commercials, as I was talking about in my post “In Any Bar from Silver Lake to Williamsburg,” AND the feature touches on the theme of resolutions. Perfect.

                  Article highlights:

MMJ’s sales do not adequately depict their fanbase: their most-sold album is 2005’s Z (212,000 copies); SoundScan reports that sales of their four studio releases are less than a combined 500,000 copies, which is “low even for a midlevel rock act.

MMJ is “ambivalent” when it comes to loaning their jams for adverts. “Mahgeetah” was placed in a beer commercial, but they have not done another commercial and they made a charitable donation with some of the earnings

LISTEN TO THE WHY: Mike Martinovich, their manager, said MMJ wants to “hold onto a sense of mystery in its music” and is not jumping to make commercials for just anything. “‘If an artist wants to preserve a listener’s ability to have a personal interpretation of a lyric, he may have to forgo the financial gain associated with a commercial license,’” Martinovich told NYT’s Sisario.

I say, Thank you (too).

Moving to resolutions, I liked this statement Jim James offered: 

“…maybe I want to be a better basketball player…or I want to learn how to paint better. Or maybe I want to be better in relationships. I feel fortunate on the music side of my personality, but the other sides need some more development. And in order to jump-start that growth, I needed to move outside my comfort zone.”  -Jim James, My Morning Jacket, to NYT

Evil Urges succeeded in delivering MMJ’s most involved and sonically diverse album to date. Moving beyond my comfort zone was also the theme of my year, some moves going better than others, but there is a lot of new music and artists to watch, plus loads of shows hitting L.A. that are going to introduce me to new sounds and where there are sounds, there is style.

catch ya in the ’09.


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